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Childbirth Doula Package

What is included in our Doula Package and what are the pricing options?



Prenatal Visits

Our Doula Package includes four prenatal visits. They are 90 minutes long and can be either virtual or in-person at a location of your choice.

Prenatal Visits are:
1. Birth Planning Session
2. Birth Basics Session

3. Comfort Measures Session

4. 36-Week Prep Session


Client Support

Unlimited Availability by Phone, Text, or Email for Support, Questions and Concerns (from moment of signed contract until last postpartum check).

Image by Priscilla Du Preez
Birth Doula with Couple


Labor Support

24hr Doula On-Call for Two Weeks Before Estimated Due Date (EDD) Until Birth.
Full and Professional Doula Support During Labor and Delivery (with no additional fees or time restrictions).


Postpartum Visits

Three Postpartum Visits up to 90 minutes each.
- 24-48 Hour Postpartum Check with Breastfeeding Support

- 2-4 Week Postpartum Check with Birth Processing Consultation

- 8 Week Postpartum Check

Nursing Newborn
Image by Ekaterina Shevchenko


Story Gift

If the birthing client would like their Doula to take photos during the birth, these photos will be presented to the client by the last Postpartum Visit.

Package Pricing


total package price

If the price is a concern for you, please still reach out. We are open to working out payment plans, and also work on a sliding scale when applicable. It is so important to us that every person who desires to have a Doula at their birth, have one there.

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