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Photo of Birth Doula Serena with a client laboring in a tub. Heart & Womb Indy - Birth & Postpartum Doula Agency in Indianapolis

About Us


What We Believe

Here at Heart and Womb we believe that birth is a natural physiological process. One worthy of respect - from birthing people, their partners, and their care providers alike. We believe that the birth deserves to be honored and respected, as well as seen as a joyful and welcomed experience, and not one that is feared and despised. 

Our greatest wish is that everything birthing person know of their immense power and that their ability to birth was never taken from them, just their confidence in their bodies to do so. Our goal is to give that confidence back, replace fear with power and knowledge. We dream of helping every person know that their bodies are capable of peaceful, calm, relatively painless birth. 

Through our HypnoBirthing Course and Doula Support, we seek to help make this change one client at a time. We seek to help our birthing families discover that they actually know how to birth; the retraining we must do in preparation for birth is actually to untrain you of all the lies you have been fed from media, uninformed/misinformed care providers, family and friends that have fallen victim to a broken medicalized birth system, and a history of unfortunate events that have led to a fear of an innate and physiological process. 

There is no physiological or scientific reason why birth should be painful and scary, so lets help make birth peaceful and joyful again! We look forward to working with your family to help your birth story unfold just the way nature intended, and help you have the most beautiful birth experience.

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