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Abby Z.


Postpartum Doula

Abby is a Postpartum Doula who you want on your team! She is kind, funny, and so easy to talk to. Abby is focusing on overnights for her postpartum doula work, and is CPR/BLS Certified and very experienced with children - not just from being a nanny for many years, but also from her experiences parenting her three children (two of which are a set of twins!).

She has a gift with postpartum families and making you feel cared for and supported - exactly what you need when you are working through all the unknowns, changes, and exhaustion that postpartum can bring. Abby is so knowledgeable and an incredible resource for any family she supports, we are so excited to have her on the team!

Abby's calling is with postpartum families who are looking for a very experienced, calming yet energetic presence in their space to help them get through those tough sleepless nights that we all come to know well. She has availability for up to three overnights a week for a family.

Don't hesitate to reach out if you feel like Abby is the fit for your growing family!

Watch Below for a short Video Interview with Abby!

A Note From Abby:

Hello! I’m Abby!  I’ve recently become a Postpartum Doula after having three little girls of my own (a not-quite 5 year old and 18 month old twins).  Being the youngest of 9 children myself, my love of kids has stemmed from looking after my many nieces and nephews at a young age, and carrying through my 12+ years of nanny experience.  After nannying for over a decade, the leap to Postpartum Doula work was the next step in both my career and passion. I understand the plight that many young families can go through during the early months (for both parents and babies!), and hope to continue to lend my care and experience for those looking for postpartum help.  I love the opportunity to give parents both the relief of experienced assistance and offer them tools for the future. 

In my free time I love to spend time outdoors with my girls, and have been honing in my green thumb with my joy of houseplants and gardening. I stay active with exercising and swimming (although 3 little girls keep me on my toes quite a bit). My husband and I both love music, and are hoping to start catching more shows again as the kids get older. I also enjoy reminding my husband that Weird Al Yankovic isn’t as good as he thinks he is. 



To learn more about working with Abby and Heart And Womb Indy, please call, text or email today!


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