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Chelsea W.


ChildBirth Doula

Chelsea is a Childbirth Doula who is trained through DONA and is also CPR/BLS certification. Chelsea has a passion for VBAC support, as she had a redemptive and empowering VBAC with her second birth. 

Chelsea is a Hoosier through-and-through and is originally from Indianapolis! She loves to garden and spend time outside with her husband and kids. She loves to cook and bake, and actually has an Associate's Degree in Baking and the Pastry Arts! She worked in restaurants for almost 14 years, and she has worked in bakeries, on the line at restaurants - doing everything from Garde manager to sauté. She was even the executive pastry chef at a 5 Diamond restaurant. Chelsea loved working with all the local farmers and using the freshest ingredients in her food.

Chelsea is most passionate, though, about women finding their power in motherhood, starting with their pregnancy and birth. She feels that is something that all women are capable of doing and that there is nothing more natural than empowerment through birth.

She also believes that birth is most rewarding and successful when women are feeling confident enough to make empowered decisions that feel right for them, and are receiving the needed support and encouragement from their team.

As a doula, Chelsea will stand by your side through every decision you make. Chelsea is there when you are feeling overwhelmed to help center and calm you. When it is feeling too serious, she is there for the laughs. When you are feeling uncertain, she is there to educate and inform. She is only there for you and your partner, and she cannot wait to witness you step into your power.

A Note From Chelsea:

HI! I’m Chelsea! I am birth doula in the Indianapolis area. I have two children and two very different birthing experiences which is what led me to this passion work. After a traumatic c-section with my first I was determined to have a healing birth experience with my second and got exactly that with my successful VBAC! I know my doula was the game changer in this and I want to be that for all of the families I work with.

I do hospital, birthing center, and home births! I want my clients to know that I am always there for them from the pregnancy, to the birth, and the postpartum journey.

My goal is to empower you to make all the choices that feel right in your soul and leave you feeling uplifted and confident in this new chapter of your life!



To learn more about working with Serena and Heart And Womb Indy, please call, text or email today!


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