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Ashley D.


ChildBirth & Postpartum Doula

Ashley is a Childbirth & Postpartum Doula as well as a Newborn Care Specialist, Breastfeeding Counselor, and Childbirth Educator. She is trained through the International Doula Institute and is also CPR/BLS certified. 

Addison has many years of nanny experience and is excellent with children and such a sweet soul. You will meet her and instantly feel safe and welcome. She is a natural for postpartum work because of her time as a nanny. Addison prioritizes her client's comfort and needs, and makes sure you always feel supported, heard and secure during your birth and postpartum period. She is also a wealth of knowledge and an advocate when called upon.

She has the gift for Doula work. She brings laughter, education, and peace to all she meets. She is extremely passionate about birth and supporting families on their journey. She knows just what to say and brings a calm, confident air to the space, which is so needed when everything is feeling new and a bit nerve-wracking(especially for new parents!).

A Note From Ashley:

My name is Ashley Duran!


I am a bilingual birth doula who speaks both English and Spanish serving Indianapolis and surrounding communities. My goal is to help and support families throughout their birthing experiences, providing families with a journey that is planned by them and supported by me.

My dedication as your doula is to impact you with physical, emotional and informational support throughout your prenatal stage and during your labor/birth. I specialize in home births, birth center births and unmedicated births. I myself have had 2 unmedicated births, one at home and the other at a birth center, with both being supported by midwives and a doula.


I have been breastfeeding for the last four and a half years on demand, so I am very experienced in breastfeeding and passionate about also helping you on your journey. More than anything, I want every family to have the joyful experience of bringing their baby earth side with a team that supports and advocates for their beliefs. It would be an honor to me to serve you and your family through this!


Thank you Xoxo Ashley



To learn more about working with Addison and Heart And Womb Indy, please call, text or email today!


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