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Doula-Led Support Groups

Support groups held monthly for Individuals at all stages of the Pregnancy, Birth and Postpartum Journeys!

Briahnna with Heart & Womb Indy created these Support Groups from her discovery of an immense need for support and a safe space for all families in various stages of growth. 

These support groups are all free/donation-based, with love offerings beginning at $5 per support session. Any and all donations help us continue to offer these important, village-building opportunities to families and individuals alike.

All of any gender, race, sexual orientation, or belief system are welcome in our support groups. We are a safe space for everyone to find friendship, love, education, and support.

women discussion group

Postpartum Support Group

Pregnancy Support Group

Dad/Partner Support Group

Tuesday @ 6:30pm

Held Every 1st Tuesday

of the Month

This group is designed to give postpartum couples and individuals the support that they do desperately crave and need as they navigate the new challenges, joys, and obstacles that postpartum times can bring. Building friendships & finding support and education.

Tuesday @ 6:30pm

Held Every 2nd & 4th Tuesday of the Month

This is a support group open to any and all pregnant parents or couples/partnerships that are seeking to build friendships and find support and education on their pregnancy journey. This group is led by the Childbirth Doulas of the Heart and Womb Doula Agency.

Tuesday @ 6:30pm

Held Every 3rd Tuesday

of the Month

This is a support group specifically catered to the partners or dads on their unique parenting or partner support journeys. This group is led by an experienced dad of three, Jerry Scott, who is Heart & Womb Indy's founder's husband. This will offer a safe space for questions, concerns, educations, and true friendship.

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