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Birth Pool Rental

Many birthing families seek water birth for their home births or would like a birth pool to labor in.

Heart and Womb provides a beautiful birth pool option with the aesthetically

pleasing and extremely cozy Earthside Pool.

These pools can be rented out to individuals and local midwives so

clients don’t have to purchase a brand new pool.

Click Below to Inquire About Our Tub Availability for you Due Date!

Indianapolis Birth Pool Rental - Earthside Pool - Andersen - Birth & Postpartum Doula - Heart & Womb Indy Birth & Postpartum Doula Agency Indianapolis

Every birth story is unique and beautiful, and we want to match that special experience with a pool just as equally unique & beautiful! Who wants a basic blue when you have an aesthetically pleasing and neutral white birth pool option!

Details of Rental

You can pick up the birth pool at 37 weeks along, and must return it by 1 week postpartum. You can pick up the pool locally at Briahnna's home, or for an additional $75 delivery/pickup fee she can deliver and collect it.

Birth Pool Rental Package

Earthside Birth Pool

Clean & In-bag, ready for setup

There is only one size. The Pool Measures (inflated): 65.5 in x 59 in x 27 in. It features a seat, a cup holder, and handles for labor. It is a marshmallow, off-white color and made of sturdy but soft, non toxic, phthalate-free, eco pvc material.

Air Pump

To fill it up easily with!

The package comes with an air pump will qickly and easily fill your tub for labor.

Water Pump

To empty your tub post-birth.

The package comes with a water pump is easy to set up and help drain away the birth tub water.

New Birth Tub Liner

To keep your tub fresh and clean!

This package comes with a brand-new, fitted tub liner.

Birth Pool Package Cost: $111

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