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About Our Founder


Briahnna Roy


Founder of Heart & Womb

Briahnna is vaccinated against Coronavirus (COVID-19) 

Childbirth Doula & Gold Certified HypnoBirthing International Instructor

Heart & Womb was initially born from Briahnna's love and respect of birth and the empowering, beautiful, peaceful experience it is - and should be - for all those who experience it. Bri feels it is an immense privilege to serve the people of Indiana and for the opportunity to initiate change in her local birth community. Much of that change is in how birth is viewed and how birthing people and families are support & educated prenatally, in labor, and postpartum. 

Briahnna believes that your birth story is as unique as you, and it is just that - a story! In your birth story, you are both the author and the hero.
Birth can be a challenging adventure, but you deserve to have it be a story of love, triumph, and empowerment at every step of the way. In order to change the world and the people in it, we must change the way we birth.

Bri has a passion for educated consent in all aspects of the birthing process, and will be there for you every step of the way to make sure you are able to enthusiastically consent in all your birthing choices. 

Briahnna seeks to be a safe and inclusive space for all parents of any and every background and way of life.

Her love of birth comes from a mixture of the education she have received through DONA and HypnoDoula trainings and other studies, her own birthing experiences, training as a HypnoBirthing Instructor, and a desire to change this world one birth at a time!

Briahnna was born in Montana, grew up in the Chicagoland area, and has also lived in Utah, Lima(Peru), Mexico City(Mexico), NYC, and now Indiana! Briahnna has been married for 7 years and has two daughters ages four and two and a 4 month old son born the end of 2022. She gave birth to her first at a birthing center and her second at home in her bedroom, and her third was a home turned hospital transfer with an epidural - in all her births she used the HypnoBirthing method.
She loves to read, ride her horse, listen to Taylor Swift & Drake, and bake.
Briahnna is further immersing herself in the birth world by beginning midwifery school this fall!

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