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Briahnna laboring in the tub - - Heart & Womb Indy Birth & Postpartum Doula Indianapolis

Why a Doula?

We are the one person in your birth team who will be by your side every minute of your birth. We are there for you and your birth partner, and are dedicated to ensuring you both feel 100% supported. We strive to do everything in our power to ensure that you are satisfied with you birth experience and feel heard and empowered at every step or turn in your birth.

Image by Camylla Battani

Support For You

We are there for your physical & emotional support prenatally through postpartum. As you face your transition to parenthood, we want you to feel educated and to feel you can trust yourself to make the best decisions for your family.


Support For Partner

We are there to help you be the best support for your partner through pregnancy to postpartum. We not only will help guide you, answer questions, and also be there as your extra set of hands. It can feel overwhelming to carry the full brunt of being the only support for your partner in this process, we want to help with that!

Image by Filip Mroz

Support For Baby

We want baby's transition to this world to be as smooth and kind as possible. We help baby by helping you, but we also help baby by ensuring plenty of skin-to-skin, supported breastfeeding, and being a resouce for any newborn tips or help parents may need regarding their newborn baby.

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