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birth & postpartum doula agency indianapolis

birth & postpartum doula agency in indianapolis

a better way to birth

Your baby is only born once. Let's teach them that this world is kind, peaceful, loving, and gentle - and that education begins with their birth.


Hi! I am Briahnna, and I am the owner & founder of Heart and Womb Indy. I am a Childbirth Doula and a Gold Certified HypnoBirthing International Instructor!

Heart and Womb has also expanded to a Doula Agency and we have some incredible team members!

Can't wait for you to meet them.

About Heart & Womb

We here at Heart and Womb serve the greater Indianapolis area and beyond. We love serving the birthing families of Indiana!

We believe that every birthing person deserves to have a "dream birth". A dream birth isn't necessarily a location, a labor length, a time of day, or even a care provider. A dream birth is the way you feel before it begins, during your birth, and after it is over.

We will be there by your side to support you in your birth to help bring your confidence, peace, and joy.


Birth with Heart & Womb

Prenatal Preparation

We know that an empowered birth doesn't just happen during your birth, but begins prenatally and continues well into postpartum. This is why we offer HypnoBirthing Classes and why we also provide Prenatal and Postpartum Support in our Doula Packages!

Birth Planning Support

HypnoBirthing Education

Labor Support

Postpartum Support

Preganant woman in labor in a hospital gown with her partner supporting her belly
Briahnna - Owner of Heart & Womb Indy in labor, practicing hypnobirthing techniques - Birth & Postpartum Doula Agency in Indianapolis

What Our Families Say

Briahnna is AMAZING! We are so lucky to have found her. We could not have asked for a better doula. We connected with her right away. She is very knowledgeable and helped to ease any anxieties about the birthing experience. She has a very calming energy/personality. She helped us to feel confident and empowered in our birthing preparation. She brought that same calming energy to the recovery room as she helped with that first latch. She went above and beyond, whether it be reaching out to check in or dropping off coffee on our first morning home. I ended up having postpartum preeclampsia and she continued to check in with us and help us through. We are so grateful for her support on this journey.

Morgan M.

Kassie here (wifey), Briahnna is fantastic. If there is anyone else you’d want to be in the room with you (aside from your spouse/significant other) as you welcome your bundle of joy in the world, it’s Briahnna. She is very friendly, easy to communicate with, professional, understanding, knowledgeable and happy to assist with whatever you need. Love her and would highly recommend!

Scott S.

Bri was the perfect Doula. I had some emotional healing I wanted in the birth of my second child. My first birth, I felt like birth was happening to me instead of because of me. Bri was on my side, no matter what my choices were. She helped us prepare and know what coping measures we could take, and checked in often to make sure we felt like we were adequately prepared. During my labor and delivery, she always knew exactly what to do, and was adaptable. My mantra going into this birth was “peace and power” and because of Bri I was able to achieve that. My partner and I both felt so supported, and I was able to have the unmedicated birth that I wanted. I felt SO empowered. After Bri left that night, all the nurses were talking about how amazing Bri was in creating a supportive peaceful atmosphere for everyone in the room. That’s just who Briahnna is.

Jenny. H

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