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Serena D.


Childbirth Doula

Serena is a Childbirth Doula and incredible Client Advocate. She is trained through DONA and is also CPR/BLS certified. Serena is a Surgical Technologist by day, and loves working with clients specifically in the fertility clinics she serves. She finds joy getting to walk alongside couples on their unique conception journeys and witnessing the joy as families grow - however that may be. 

Serena is kind-hearted, bold, hilarious, and exactly who you would want on your team for your birth. She is always seeking to learn and is such a humble, incredible human and brings a special light to any birth team.

Because of her day job, she is well-informed on medical lingo and very familiar and comfortable with navigating the medical side of things - therefore, she is an incredible advocate in the hospital setting.

Serena is a married mom of two, a four year old daughter and almost one year old son. She experienced two very different births with each of them, and also brings that knowledge and wisdom of personal experience to the birth space. To know Serena is to love her!

Watch Below for a short Video Interview with Serena!

A Note From Serena:

Hi! I’m Serena Duncan, she/her pronouns, and I am a childbirth doula. I have two cuties of my own at home, a 4 year old girl and a boy who is 8 months old. After I had my daughter I started doing some research about birth on my own and I discovered what a doula was. I hired a doula for my second birth and after that experience I immediately knew that this work was for me! I dove in and I haven’t looked back since! I hope to be a safe space for people of all walks of life. Working in healthcare I’ve seen first hand how birth experiences can be different for people of color and LGBTQIA+ people and I’m determined to be apart of changing that culture. I am so excited to have the opportunity to serve more people through Heart & Womb! I’m a surgical technologist by day and birth doula by night! I’ve been a doula for a year and have worked in surgery for 6 years. I currently work with infertility patients at an IVF clinic and I hope to continue to serve people with a unique path to parenthood through birth work. Birth is enjoyable, positive, empowering, and downright magical and I want all of my clients to look back on their births thinking the same thing!



To learn more about working with Serena and Heart And Womb Indy, please call, text or email today!


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