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What is a Doula Agency?

Joining the Heart and Womb Indy Doula Agency will give you the opportunity to learn and shadow established doula, Briahnna Scott.

Briahnna will take you under her wing and guide you through caring for a doula client through the prenatal, birth, and postpartum process. She works to build and strengthen our doula community and their unique offerings.

By supporting other doulas on their journey she enhances their flow of clients, helps doulas find their niche, connects them with birthing families, and supports them all on the beautiful transformation from bump, birth and beyond. 
Every family deserves a doula and every doula deserves support and community!

How Does it Work?

A doula agency is a business where we are responsible for finding the birthing families for you to service. We find the clients, schedule the initial consultations, book them and handle the signing of contracts. We will then assign and choose the perfect match for each client from the doulas on staff. This will be based on availability and what the birthing family is looking for in terms of services. 

Come Join Our Agency!

Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

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